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KiB Designs Blogger Search 2024


The app is now closed!!

KiB Designs is looking for female bloggers!

Once again we are looking for new female bloggers who want to collaborate with a brand that is not very well known or big, but in which we work as hard and with as much enthusiasm as any other brand.

We take our team of bloggers as part of the KiB family, always trying to be close and kind to all of you, without demanding too much, but hoping to receive a minimum of that kindness in return.

We are currently working with the blogger system "EasyBloggers"

If you want to fill out the form to apply as a KiB Designs blogger candidate, please go to my mainstore and at the landing point you will find the EasyBloggers access point to do so


-We will ask for 2/3 posts monthly with our products

-Maximum possible exposure on social networks

-Flickr and FB necessary (don't worry if your Flickr account is free, it is not a problem as long as you share in groups, but you must have a blog where you can include the links as well as on other social networks where the TOS allow it)

-What matters to us is that you take care in your posts, that the photos are good, clear, with a minimum of good quality without the need for great editing skills... and good taste, please.

- I would prefer the photos not to be rotated horizontally so I can keep my neck healthy to appreciate them ^^

-Please do not use AI in your posts with my work

- You don't necessarily have to be a blogger, you can be a photographer but always adding credits or some reference to the product information.

- It is important to respect the event dates of each new release.

- We participate in several discount events that last a few days, so they require quick posts.

- We also participate in some charity fairs, where I would like to have maximum exposure to help those causes.

-You agree to notify me when you want to leave the blogger team.

-We have a private and hidden group on FB just for bloggers and I, where I can share ideas or get in touch when I can't be in SL (I currently have little time to use in SL), There you are free to raise your ideas, concerns or suggestions. Joining is not mandatory but recommended

I'm usually pretty lenient with my bloggers, but if the minimum requirements are not respected several times in a row, you will be kicked off the team.

**Please be sure to check the type of clothing KiB Designs has before submitting the form, only do so if you like what we do, not simply to collect more sponsors and free clothing, please don't waste our time nor the illusions. . We are a small store, where I am the only person managing and coordinating everything, and he also respects my efforts.

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