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KiB Designs - Bloggers Search


KiB Designs is looking for male and female bloggers willing to work in a friendly team without much pressure, but equally expecting good quality work and interest in committing to the brand.

If you are interested, go to the mainstore, at the entrance you will find the blogotex panel.

Not only bloggers with their own blog are welcome, photographers with an active Flickr account are also welcome as long as they include the credits of the KiB Designs designs in their description (although they don't link to the LMs if they don't have a PRO account).

Bloggers must publish their post on Flickr, giving credit to the store, also if their accounts are not PRO, it is not mandatory to link with the LM


Before you apply to become a KiB Designs blogger, please take a look at what KiB Designs has, check out the style of clothing we offer and then if you like it, DO IT, if you don't like it, please DON'T, I don't want to waste your time but I don't want to waste mine either, I'm a single person doing everything, the clothes, the ads, the marketing, the control of bloggers, the organization of the store... EVERYTHING! therefore the main requirement is that you are really committed to helping me promote my designs...


- Male bloggers will be required 1 post per month and female bloggers a minimum of 3 posts per month.

- No AI generated images are allowed.

- No (80%/100%) "horizontal/rotated" pics please.

- We are aware that RL comes first, if at any time a problem arises that will be an impediment to meet these requirements, please contact me via IM inworld (Kira Balestra) regardless of whether I am online or offline, because I will receive the IM in my email, you can also contact me via email (

- Photos with good quality and good sense of taste will be requested, that the KiB Designs item be seen properly, the photo where only a small corner of the item is shown will not be valid, it must be shown as complete as possible.

- Please, make sure to share them in Blogotex and in the official KiB Designs group (Flickr), not send me the link in IM, or inworld note.

- Feel free to ask me or suggest anything whenever you need (by IM or email) whenever I can I will be there to read.


*No time limit, I will close the app when I see fit