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KiB Designs - Bloggers Search (20-27 January)


KiB Designs is looking for male and female bloggers willing to work in a friendly team without much pressure, but equally expecting good quality work and interest in committing to the brand.

If you are interested, go to the main main store, at the entrance you will find the blogotex panel.

Not only bloggers with their own blog are welcome, photographers with an active Flickr account are also welcome as long as they include the credits of the KiB Designs designs in their description (although they don't link to the LMs if they don't have a PRO account).

Bloggers must publish their post on Flickr, giving credit to the store, also if their accounts are not PRO, it is not mandatory to link with the LM

The search will be active from today, January 20, until the next January 27 (maybe the date will be extended by 3 days)