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Update about KiB Designs Hiatus


KiB Designs will continue on hiatus for an unlimited time, due to my acute bilateral epicondylitis, after several treatments with different medications (anti-inflammatories, gabapentin, oral corticosteroids...), and more than a month with immobilizing splints, nothing has worked.

Trying to avoid surgery (it will be the last of the last remedies, they are both arms, therefore, yes, I am afraid of being worse off and the statistics are not very encouraging...).

We are in the process of getting rehabilitation with physiotherapy, but the Spanish social security, although it is of good quality, is infernally slow, so it is taking a long time just to obtain the medical assessment to be able to request that rehabilitation, but then wait for it to be accepted... or rejected ... -_- Therefore, please be patient, as soon as I can return, I will do so by working harder than ever.
Don't forget too much about KiB Designs yet :(((