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KiB Designs - Bloody Western Hat @Ironwood Hills Halloween Hunt

KiB Designs

Bloody Western Unisex Hat

October 1st - November 5th 

Ironwood Hills is a year-long photographic creepy sim created by Cyrus and Jestyr Knight. This year we have decided to try our hand at a halloween hunt.

Click on the HUD giver located in the barn. Attach this and follow the instructions. Use the elevator in the barn to get to the sim and start hunting!

Once you have completed the hunt you may return to the street to retrieve your prizes from our wonderful designers. And don't forget to shop too! 

If you have any issues or get stuck in the hunt then you can join the Ironwood Hills inworld group and ask for help (But not Spoilers!). We really hope you enjoy our fun little hunt and learn a little more about the history of Ironwood Hills.

Thank you!

Ironwood Hills Team

Prizes available from 7mad;Ravens, {ARDOUR}, Chemical Princess, Dead Bird, Frosting, Goth1c0, HelaMio, IX, *katat0nik*, KiB Designs, Paper Moon, {PSYCHO:Byts}, RedFish, Refuge, Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos, Sithis, [SM]art, Stray Dog, The Little Bat, The Muses, unKindness, [zerkalo], and Zombie Suicide!

The hunt runs from October 1st until November 5th 2017.